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guest aaaaa added aaaa - aaaa 3d guitar added
guest Rio added Brazil - Thunderstorm 4d Piano added
guest Aj added Aj - Alanwalker alone 4d guitar added
guest g added tempet - soldier on 6d guitar added
guest Someone added Anonymous - Duel of Fates 1w Piano added
guest Someone updated Mars Argo - Beauty Is Empty 12w bass updated
guest sdf said "dsfdfa" in Guus Meeuwis - Het is een nacht 2h
guest Project zorgp said "Its easy because 300 plus 21 equals 321" in Legend of Zelda - Zelda's lullaby 3d
guest catty cat said "right on mate, excellent work" in Mayday Parade - Three Cheers For Five Years (Acoustic) 4d
guest ChaesonSmith said "Corrected the second verse; didn't realize that the F# wasn't used like in the first verse. Still trying to figure out the little differences in the second pre-chorus; will be updating again soon." in Mayday Parade - Three Cheers For Five Years (Acoustic) 5d
guest DrMidi001 said "Cool. I like it." in slipknot - snuff 5d
guest BA said "Trump's latest talking point is "we need the wall to keep our loved ones safe". But why don't we hear talking points like these neutered by REPEATEDLY refuting it with actual statistics? For instance: ~600K are killed by heart disease / year in the US. ~19K are killed by other people. (Your bacon is 30X more likely to kill you than another person.) ~3% of homicides are estimated to be from undocumented persons. ~3% of people in the US are estimated to be undocumented. Or even...There ..." in Donald Trump - The Greatest Song Ever Written 6d
guest jojo said "@kathamuthu this is a piano tab, not a guitar tab. there are guides on the site that tell you how to play either one tho. hope that helps! reply back if not and i'll gladly assist!" in Ramones , The - Blitzgreg Bop 6d
guest kathamuthu said "i dont"know playing guitar how to read guitar tab" in Ramones , The - Blitzgreg Bop 6d
guest BA said "Who wants to see Elizabeth Warren tomahawk chop Trump in the dick? Not gonna happen, the target is too small" in Donald Trump - The Greatest Song Ever Written 6d
guest Hiro said "Flawless Victory. You win all the stars" in Office, The - The Office Theme Song 2w
guest Rylan Kyllonen's Hurt Knee said "@Ur Mom Gay Wanna yeet my yeet?" in Mortal Kombat - theme 2w
guest Searching4u said "Hey all, im a cool dude who plays guitar, piano, and love to compete in Airsoft competitions and race Motocross. Just looking for a chick to sext or have some fun with. Thx." in Mortal Kombat - theme 2w
guest Bill said "We need a guitar to violin converter!" in Sanity’s fall - singular 13h
BlueMoon said "I have the guitar tabs. Can one of y’all help me turn it into violin? It’s a song from sally face btw." in Sanity’s fall - singular 14h
guest Dan said "Many thanks Hans. I've been looking for this for a while!" in The Meeting - ABWH 6d
guest BA said "Yep we should probably increase that ridiculouly small size limit, can you send the midi to us at tabnabber@gmail.com? it'll help us test the file works, thanks for the feedback!" in midis size 2w

Have some presents: Mars Argo Rumplemixes

And now for the reverse...

Life in Reverse

This might help you resist the urge to watch a ridiculous Harlem Shake video...

Let the Poor Feller In

Song: Mel McDaniel - Louisiana Saturday Night.
ur welcome

Banned Ted Talk on Music and Math

Listen, this may be the best TEDx talk you'll ever hear, assuming it's the only one you'll ever hear.

Statistically speaking, you should like it, as it currently boasts >69% approval ratings. But...TED did flag it for being "outside TEDx's curatorial guidelines for its assertions about math and music". Despite that there are some interesting ideas presented. Plus we agree with at least one point made, as we've unapologetically demonstrated before.... sheet music suuucks.

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