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Sonic Pings from Malaysian Plane: Sounds In The Water

Listening to underwater sounds may be the deciding factor in us determining the location of the plane and solving this mystery. Locator beacons attached to the missing Malaysian plane are designed to emit high-pitched signals, or pings, for 30 days after they get wet (Friday was day 35) according to CNN.

Trevor Cox, author of The Sound Book: The Science of the Sonic Wonders of the World, described to NPR how sound travels "more efficiently [in water] than in air. It's the same kind of process in the fact that you've got a wave, and air is being passed from air molecule to air molecule, whereas in water it's being passed from water molecule to water molecule. It just happens to be that in water it goes further, which is another reason why aquatic animals like to use it — because it can travel huge, great distances underwater in a way that it never would do in the air."


Remixing Mario With Drums

Musician Joss Stone's Take On Piracy, MP3 and Internet

Remixing Classical With Drums

Autotune the Cosmos

DJ's Catboy Slim, Armin van Purren and Deadmeow5 Scratch the Turntables

Crazy "Performance" of John Cage's 4'33"

Has the audience gone mad? I personally think this performance deserves the same volume of applause as it puts out, but if you're into this sort of thing you'll want to checkout the 4'33" app.

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Mike Anderson - I'd Say Anything To Know Your Plans

Change that last d to a C sharp and it perfect for me (by That guy)
@Eyelashes You can use this for the flute, the flute is in t... (by wiseguy)
@Anonymous Use your eyeballs (by wiseguy)
how can i read this ? (by Anonymous)
Can i get it for the flute? (by Eyelashes)
ok (by Anonymous)

Tab Additions
Pink Floyd - Empty Spaces (by Anonymous)
LOL - XD (by Anonymous)
Stooges, The - I Wanna Be Your Dog (by nblo59)
Diante do Trno - Canção do Apocalipse (by Anonymous)
Ellie Goulding - Hangin On (by julien)
michael jackson - man in the mirror (by Anonymous)
Tab Updates
Zero No Tsukaima - I Say Yes (Weeding Version) (by Fangy123)
Eminem - Headlights (ft Nate Ruess) (by Anonymous)
Ed - PianoKey (by enoriega)

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