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New Way To Compose: Imitone

Direct audio to midi conversion. Unfortunately this first beta version will set you back $25, but what a great concept:

More Site Updates: More Chaos, More Good Tabs

What...? Another site update so soon? That's right. Checkout our Damn Good Tabs to hear songs which just barely missed the Highest Rated cut but are still, you know, damn good. And just to mix things up a bit more, we've also implemented a new level of randomness on the ordering of songs on these and the Featured pages, giving you and your crew something new to listen to on every view.

Site Updates: Better Midi and Bigger Tabs

Good news out of TabNabber HQ:
We've been busy working on some serious site updates. Firstly, many our pages now have much improved and more reliable midi playback ability. We'll spare you the details, let's just say that Apple's Quicktime is an a$$hole. Thanks Obama.

Secondly, a serious thank you to senior site member TheStig, who has some amazing tabs you should listen to right now, for giving us all the ability to upload huge tabs in a brand spankin' new and super sexy play/post page.

Song Made from Windows Sounds

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tomtomgoo - my 1st probably


Quiero Volar - Improvisacion NºIII


Tab Additions
Unknown - Untitled (by Anonymous)
Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You Chords (by Run)
Unknown - Untitled (by Anonymous)
Unknown - Tears After The Cloudy Weather (by Rahi)
Unknown - Untitled (by Anonymous)
Unknown - Untitled (by Anonymous)
Tab Updates
Wizards and Warriors - Intro Theme (Video Game) (by WasabiPea)
charlie schmidt's cool cat - Keyboard Cat (by WasabiPea)
Bill I Am - Legs Up (by Anonymous)
This is so cool I actually found somewhere where they actual... (by Bella Swan)
Beautiful piece. There's a derivative work based off your so... (by WasabiPea)
Gpod! (by Anonymous)
Please can i have the note (ex. Si la Do) about autorock ? ... (by Stefyfavero)
No, eres puto y no sabes a ke me refiero (by Jorge)
Okay these chords are way off. I found out the right chords.... (by Lowy)

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