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Anonymous added 2d Louis - Gold electric guitar added


Anonymous added 4d Anonymous - LeadVocals.mid Piano added


etete added 1w tete - tet bass added


Anonymous added 2w Anonymous - lon-lon-ranch.mid Piano added


GGGG updated 2w Gold Finger - GGG Piano updated


Anonymous updated 4w Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today bass updated


Anonymous rocks! Bill I Am - Legs Up Piano Featured

guest eyyy said: 1w its E not F
on Chemical Brothers, The - Saturate
BA said: 1w @Hlnwlz22 what do you meam, there isn't an L on your instrument or on the tab you're looking at? Not every tab will specify the L/R (for Left and Right hand), but in general you can figure it out pretty easily because the lower notes are almost always pl
on How to Read Tabs
guest Hlnwlz22 said: 2w I don't know when to play my left hand because there is no L or .
on How to Read Tabs
guest Mitchell smith said: 2w i was wondering how do i come out to my parents
on Pogues, The - fairytale of new york
guest Anonymous said: 2w great
on hollywood undead - circles
guest Urgh! White Boys said: 2w Gotta love that nostalgia
on Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time - Gerudo Valley
guest Anonymous said: 3w this is cool
on Nirvana - Come As You Are
guest Anonymous said: 3w Cgc
on Kings of leon - Closer
guest Anonymous said: 3w Thanks !!
on Oleta Adams - Get here
guest Anonymous said: 4w its bad
on Mario - Mario
guest Torben Mahns said: 16h Hej, I just saw your post, that you might have a transcription of "The meeting" for Piano. I want to play it for my girlfriend, she loves this song. I´d be very happy if you could help me. Greetings Torben :)
on The Meeting - ABWH
guest Heptamusica said: 3w En primer lugar, elegir los bloques de 12 notas de F a E. En segundo lugar, numerar estas 12 notas del 1 al 12. De este modo, podemos medir rápidamente los intervalos tonales. Asímismo, podríamos escribir estas 12 notas sin variar su altura gráfica. Para las octavas más agudas o más graves, escribiríamos estos mismos números a una altura levementa superior o inferior, pudiendo incluso utilizar líneas adicionales para octavas aún más agudas o aún más graves. Todo lo anterior serviría para traducir las partituras escritas en clave de Sol (mano derecha) Para las partituras escritas en clave de Fa (mano izquierda), conservaríamos los nombres numéricos de las 12 notas anteriores, con la ligera variante de escribir en la misma línea las notas entre los números 5(a) y 4(G). A partir de aquí el modelo repite l...
on Nueva tablatura de piano
guest Cindy Bleier said: 6w I would like to have your piano sheet of I ll be there hub mariah Carey please. Like your sample in you tube Thank you Cindy
on Free Lessons - www.purelessons.com
guest Tom said: 7w Hi, Hans: I tried to find your link via iPhone to The Meeting piano music. Could you please email to me? Thank you so much! Tom
on The Meeting - ABWH

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