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guest Someone added Midi - Guess_the_song!.mid 1h Midi added
guest Rubm added Tenac - The Metal 3w guitar added
guest Bernie Sanders added Bernie Sanders - Cool Jam 4w guitar added
guest Chum added dumdum - Dummies 4w guitar added
guest Donald Trump added Donald Trump - Amerussia First 4w Piano added
guest Multiple Composers updated Me and You? - Collaboration 6d Piano updated
guest Someone rocks! Unknown - Ragtime tune 2 Piano Featured
guest Someone said "Hey guys it's comedyshortsgamer " in Rascal Flatts - Life Is A Highway 1d
guest Someone said "@Grundoko 8 years late but you spelled "Thank you," wrong." in Beethoven - Fur Elise 2d
guest Nexis said "One of the highest rated tabs on this site and in limited preview. What a kick in the nuts." in Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle 2w
guest SPAM ROBOT said "IDK UNDERSTAND" in lazy town - we are number one 3w
guest Someone said "Yo this is sick" in Flo Rida - My House (piano riff) 4w
guest Shai Cordero said "Thank you" in Minecraft - Wet Hands 4w
guest Sans said "Really helpful to know for when i want a meme." in Undertale - MEGALOVANIA 4w
guest BA said "Not only does this sound good but looks cool too! nice work" in Beetles, The - Buck Fush 4w
guest Chilly Willy said "Great job w the song. Rest in peace u weird and talented Mofo." in Prodigy, The - Climbatize (piano synth chords) 5w
guest Someone said "this helps" in eminem - Mocking Bird... 5w
guest Someone said "Nice " in Cardi B - Money simple piano by Mya 7w
guest Hi said "just wanted to say this is awesome!" in Nyan Cat - Nyan Cat 8w
guest Rob Fernandez said "Hi there - This is such a great site for guitar players but especially for teachers! I'm reaching out to ask which ad layout generates the most revenue for you? Here at Ezoic (a Google Certified Publishing Partner) our machine learning platform identifies the most effective and user-friendly ad placements for each visitor to your site. This not only increases your overall earnings, but improves user engagement and overall site health. You can test Ezoic alongside your current setup to..." in Google Partner - Suggestion for tabnabber.com 2w
guest Someone said "Cool, glad you were able to fix it, thanks a lot." in Midi converter broken 3w
BA said "Midi Converter is fixed for real this time (finally)! Enjoy" in Midi converter broken 4w
guest Someone said "Thanks, it works now, at least. By the way, is not midi file issue because i tried with some midi files that i had already saved, and they worked fine until yesterday. Same exact files, that i hadn't modified or redownload from somewhere." in Midi converter broken 8w

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Life in Reverse

This might help you resist the urge to watch a ridiculous Harlem Shake video...

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