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Guitar Tab, Chords

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by: Sam00100

T|  Tuning: Drop D or Standard EADGBe, you can prefer wither of the 2
B|  Chords used:
N|  Chords used:
A|  [DD
]-    xx0232 B|  [GG
]-    320033 B|  [BmBm
]-   x24432 E|  [AA
]-    x02220 R|  [A/C#A
] - x4222x .|   C|  Intro: [DD
] O|  Let me hear you say hey hey hey M|  Alright, now let me hear you say hey hey ho -|   T|   A|  Verse 1: [DD
] then she raps B|  I hate it when a guy doesn't get the door N|  Even though I told him yesterday and the day before A|  I hate it when a guy doesn't get the tab B|  And I have to pull my money out and that looks bad B|   E|   R|  Refrain 1: .|  [BmBm
]            [GG
]                  [DD
] C|   Where are the hopes, where are the dreams O|          [A/C#A
] M|  My Cinderella story scene -|  [BmBm
]          [GG
]                   [AA
] T|   When do you think they'll finally see A|   B|   N|  Chorus: A|             [DD
] B|  That you're not not not gonna get any better B|          [GG
] E|  You won't won't won't you won't get rid of me never R|  [BmBm
] .|  Like it or not even though she's a lot like C|  [GG
] O|  me We're not the same M|     [DD
] -|  And yeah yeah yeah I'm a lot to handle T|     [GG
] A|  You don't know trouble but I'm a hell of a scandal B|  [BmBm
] N|  Me I'm a scene I'm a drama queen A|         [GG
] B|  I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen B|   E|  Guitar 2: In Chorus, repeat many times R|  e|-10----------12---------14-------14-17----------| .|  B|----10---------10----------10-12-------15-14-15-| C|  G|-------11-12------11-12-------------------------| O|  D|------------------------------------------------| M|  A|------------------------------------------------| -|  E|------------------------------------------------| T|   A|   B|  Post chorus: N|  Alright Alright yeah A|   B|  Guitar 2: B|  e|---------------------| E|  B|---------------------| R|  G|-2-4-6-7-------------| .|  D|-2-4-6-7-------------| C|  A|-0-2-4-5-------------| O|  E|---------------------| M|   -|   T|  Verse 2: all[DD
]then still rapping A|  I hate it when a guy doesn't understand B|  Why a certain time of month I don't want to hold his hand N|  I hate it when they go out and we stay in A|  And they come home smelling like their ex-girlfriend B|   B|   E|  Refrain 2: R|  [BmBm
]             [GG
]              [DD
] .|   But I found my hopes I found my dreams C|          [A/C#A
]      [BmBm
]           [GG
]          [AA
] O|  My Cinderella story scene Now everybody's gonna see M|   -|  (Repeat Chorus) T|   A|   B|  Bridge: N|             [AA
](all throughout) A|  Give me an A, always give me what I want B|  Give me a V, be very very good to me B|  R, are you gonna treat me right E|  I, I can put up a fight R|  Give me an L, let me hear you scream loud .|   C|  One two three four O|   M|  Guitar 2: -|  e|---------------------| T|  B|---------------------| A|  G|---------------------| B|  D|-2-4-6-7-------------| N|  A|-2-4-6-7-------------| A|  E|-0-2-4-5-------------| B|   B|  (repeat refrain 1 and chorus) E|   R|  (repeat intro) .|       [GG
]                  [AA
]                          [DD
](break) C|  I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen O|  
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