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Guitar Tab, Chords

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by: Sam00100

T|  Tuning: Standard EADGBe
B|  Chords used:
N|  [EE
] -   022100 A|  [F#mF#m
] - 244222 B|  [AA
] -   x02220 B|  [BB
] -   x24442 E|  [C#mC#m
]- x46654 R|   .|  Intro: [EE
] (x2) C|   O|  Guitar 2: M|  e|---4-0-2-0---|-5-4-0-5-4-0-| -|  B|-0-----------|-------------| T|  G|-----------4-|-------------| A|  D|-------------|-------------| B|  A|-------------|-------------| N|  E|-------------|-------------| A|         x3 B|   B|   E|  Verse 1: R|   [EE
] .|  Today was the worst day C|   [F#mF#m
] O|  I went through hell M|   [AA
]                            [BB
] -|  I wish I could remove it from my mind T|  [EE
] A|  Two months away from you B|     [F#mF#m
] N|  But I couldn't tell A|   [AA
]                                       [BB
] B|  I thought that everything was gonna be just fine B|   E|   R|  Refrain: .|      [C#mC#m
] C|  The post card that you wrote O|          [AA
] M|  with the stupid little note -|  [EE
]                           [BB
] T|  Something wasn't quite right about it A|     [C#mC#m
] B|  It smelled like chick perfume N|        [AA
] A|  And it didn't smell like you B|          [EE
]                 [BB
] B|  There is no way you can get around it E|   [AA
](hold) R|  Because you wrote .|   C|   O|  Guitar 2: will enter at 0:42, you will hear this for sure!!! M|  e|-0-----| -|  B|---0---| T|  G|-----1-| A|  D|-------| B|  A|-------| N|  E|-------| A|   B|  Chorus: B|   [EE
] E|  I wish you were here R|     [F#mF#m
] .|  You left out the 'e' C|     [AA
] O|  You left without me and now you're somewhere out there M|          [EE
] -|  with the bitch! slut! psycho! babe! T|   [F#mF#m
] A|  I hate you why are guys so lame? B|  [AA
] N|  Everything I gave you I want everything back but you A|   B|   B|  (Repeat Intro once) E|   R|   .|  Verse 2: C|   [EE
]                      [F#mF#m
] O|  My friends tried to tell me all along M|      [AA
]                           [BB
] -|  that you weren't the right one for me T|   [EE
]                      [F#mF#m
] A|  My friends tried to tell me to be strong B|   [AA
]                               [BB
] N|  I bet you didn't think that I would see A|   B|   B|  Bass Riff: before refrain 2: E|  G|-1-----| R|  D|---4-2-| .|  A|-------| C|  E|-------| O|   M|   -|  Refrain 2: T|      [C#mC#m
] A|  The post card that you wrote B|          [AA
] N|  with the stupid little note A|     [EE
]                           [BB
] B|  but something wasn't quite right about it B|   [C#mC#m
] E|  I want to see you cry R|        [AA
] .|  like I did a thousand times C|  [EE
]                                [BB
] O|  Now you're losing me you're losing me now M|   [AA
] -|  Because you wrote T|   A|   B|  Guitar 2: will enter at 1:34, you will hear this for sure!!! N|  e|-0-----| A|  B|---0---| B|  G|-----1-| B|  D|-------| E|  A|-------| R|  E|-------| .|   C|   O|  (Repeat Chorus) M|   -|   T|  Bridge: [EE
] (x2) A|   B|  Guitar 2: N|  e|-0-0-----0-0-2-2-|-0-0-----------------------------| A|  B|-----4-4---------|-----4-4-2-2-0-0-------------0-0-| B|  G|-----------------|-----------------2-2-1-1-2-2-----| B|  D|-----------------|---------------------------------| E|  A|-----------------|---------------------------------| R|  E|-----------------|---------------------------------| .|          x3 C|  then O|  e|-12-12-11-11-12-12-14-14-|-12-12-11-11-9-9-7-7-5-5-4-4-2-2-----| M|  B|-------------------------|---------------------------------4-4-| -|  G|-------------------------|-------------------------------------| T|  D|-------------------------|-------------------------------------| A|  A|-------------------------|-------------------------------------| B|  E|-------------------------|-------------------------------------| N|          x3 A|   B|  (Repeat Refrain 1 and Chorus twice) B|   E|   R|  Outro: [EE
] all throughout!!!
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