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Guitar Tab, Chords

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by: Sam00100

T|  Tuning: Same as One Of Those Girls above Drop C# too
B|  Chords used: Drop C# only
N|  [D/F#D
] - 454xxx A|  [G5] -   555xxx B|  [D5] -   000xxx B|  [DD
] -    0577xx E|  [A5] -   x022xx R|  [B5] -   x244xx .|  [F#5] - 444xxx C|  [Bb5] - x133xx O|   M|   -|  Intro: [D/F#D
]-[G5]-[D5] T|  D#|-----2-------3-------2-------2---| A|  A#|---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3-| B|  F#|---------0-----------------------| N|  C#|-4---------------0-------0-------| (x2) A|  G#|---------------------------------| B|  C#|---------------------------------| B|   E|   R|  Verse 1: .|  [D/F#D
]           [G5]                 [D5] C|   When you're around I don't know what to do O|  [D/F#D
]       [G5]               [D5] M|   I do not think that I can wait -|  [D/F#D
]    [G5]          [D5] T|   To go over and to talk to you A|  [D/F#D
]       [G5]                 [D5] B|   I do not know what I should say N|   A|   B|  Refrain: B|       [D/F#D
]        [G5] E|  So I walk out in silence R|         [A5] .|  That's when I start to realize C|          [D/F#D
]        [G5] O|  What you bring to my life M|  [D5]                        [A5] -|  Damn this guy can make me cry T|   A|   B|  Chorus: N|  [G5]     [D5]    [A5] [B5] A|   It's so conta-gious B|   [G5]     [D5]     [A5]        [B5] B|  I cannot get it out of my mind E|  [G5]     [D5]    [A5] [B5] R|   It's so outra-geous .|      [G5]      [D5]      [F#5] C|  You make me feel so high O|  all the time M|   -|   T|  (Repeat Intro) A|   B|   N|  Verse 2: A|  [D/F#D
]       [G5]                 [D5] B|   They all say that you're no good for me B|  [D/F#D
]          [G5]             [D5] E|   But I'm too close to turn around R|  [D/F#D
]        [G5]                   [D5] .|   I'll show them they don't know anything C|  [D/F#D
]           [G5]              [D5] O|   I think I've got you figured out M|   -|   T|  Refrain: A|       [D/F#D
]        [G5] B|  So I walk out in silence N|         [A5] A|  That's when I start to realize B|          [D/F#D
]        [G5] B|  What you bring to my life E|  [D5]                         [A5] R|  Damn this guy can make me smile .|   C|   O|  (Repeat Chorus except last line) M|   -|   T|  Bridge: A|  [G5]              [D5] B|  I will give you everything N|  [G5]               [D5] A|  I will treat you right B|  [G5]          [D5] B|  If you just give me a chance E|  [F#5] R|   I can prove I'm right .|   C|   O|  (Repeat Chorus) M|  
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(10 years ago)
WOOW...that was not help at all!!! 0 stars for you



(11 years ago)
Cool, Thanks!


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