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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: Anonymous
A|  Guns n' roses: Estranged  (from Use your illusions II)
B|  Orig tabbed by: Tim Ruffer,
A|  As with most Guns N Roses songs, this is played very awkwardly.  The reason 
B|  for this is that they tune their guitars half a step down.  So if you have a 
B|  piano one semi-tone too high (you play a c and the sound is a b) like me 
E|  then the tunes are much more simple.  However I've written this out for a 
R|  regular piano:
C|  Chords used in the song:  
M|  [F#7F#7
]      [BB
]       [AA
] -|   4|e|      4|F|      4|e| T|   4|C|      4|D|      4|C| A|   3|a|      3|b|      3|a| B|   3|F| N|   A|  [E5]       [F#5]     [DD
]       [EE
] B|   3|b|       4|C|     3|a|      3|b| B|   3|e|       3|F|     3|F|      3|G| E|                       3|d|      3|e| R|   .|  For those that don't know or aren't sure, a chord with the number 5 next to C|  it [E5] just means to play the first and 5th note, i.e. miss out the middle O|  note. M|   -|   T|              [F#7F#7
]                                  [BB
] A|  When you're talking to yourself, and no one is at home B|  [F#7F#7
]                                          [BB
] N|  You can fool yourself; you came in this world alone A|   B|  FIG. 1: B|   E|  First solo (using same chord pattern): R|   .|  5|--eC----|--Fe-CC-|-----C-eC-|--------| C|  4|Fa------|Fa------|b---------|b-----A-| O|   M|   -|  5|--eC----|--Fe-CC-|-----C'eC-|-----c------| T|  4|Fa------|Fa------|b---------|b---b-babaF-|a A|   B|  [AA
]                     [bb
]                   [e5] [F#5] N|  so nobody ever told you baby... A|  [AA
]                     [bb
] B|  So what'll happen to you baby... B|                               [e5] [F#5] E|  guess we'll have to wait... R|  (end of Fig. 1) .|  [DD
]   [EE
] C|  (1234)(12)One Two! O|   M|  Fig. 2: -|  5|---C----|---C------|-----C----|---C------| T|  4|-CF-----|-Fb-----bA|bAF-C-----|-Fb-----bA| A|  3|F-------|b---------|----------|b---------| B|   N|   A|  5|-----C----|--------|CcC-------|--------| B|  4|bAF-C-----|b-------|----------|a---G---|F B|   E|   R|  Fig. 3: .|  4|--C-C-C-|--C-C-C-|--C---C-|--C-C-C-| C|  3|C-F-F-F-|--F-F-F-|--F---F-|C-F-F-F-| O|  2|F-------|b--b-b-b|a--ab--b|F-------| M|  2|--------|e--e-e-e|d--de--e|--------| -|   T|   A|  Sung along to Fig. 3: B|   N|  Old at heart... A|   B|  [e5]                                        [F#5] B|  I don't know how... E|  [e5]                             [F#5] R|  And what more could you ask ... .|  [e5]                           [F#5] C|  How could you say that I never ... O|  [DD
] M|  When you took ... -|  [EE
] T|  Said you took... A|   B|  Play Fig. 2 N|   A|  Sung along with Fig. 3: B|  Young at heart... B|   E|  [F#7F#7
]                                    [bb
] R|  Still talking to myself, and nobody's at home .|   C|  Play FIG. 1 O|   M|  2|F-------|--------| -|  1|b-------|--------| T|   A|   B|  Piano Solo (trill notes not included): N|   A|  5|abb-b-----|baF-e-----|efed--d---d---|d-------------| B|  4|----------|----------|----b--b---b--|-bgFe---------| B|  2|----------|d-------d-|--------------|e-----efed--d-| E|  1|b-------b-|----------|b---------b---|----------b---| R|   .|   C|  For this solo, there are trill notes at the beginning of each bar. For the O|  first bar, the note is: F(#). For the second bar, it is a. At the M|  beginning of the third bar, the trill note is d with the notes in the middle -|  of the bar both being b. The trill note at the beginning of the fourth bar T|  is also a b. A|   B|  This is the long bit with the chords. I can't be bothered to write out the N|  rhythm, so I'll just write the name of the chord and how to play it. Each A|  chord lasts for one bar: B|   B|  [b5]4|F| [d5]4|a| [b5]4|F| [d5]4|a E|      3|b|     4|d|      3|b|      4|d R|      2|F|     2|a|      2|F|      2|a .|      1|b|     2|d|      1|b|      2|d C|   O|  [b5]4|b| (yes, that [d5]4|a [AA
]4|e M|      4|F| is what I      4|d     4|C -|      2|F| meant!)        2|a     3|a T|      1|b|                 2|d     2|a A|                                   1|a B|   N|  [AA
]4|e   [EE
]4|G   [BB
]4|F [F#F#
]4|F A|     4|C      4|e      4|D      4|C B|     3|a      3|b      3|b      3|A B|     2|a      3|e      2|b      2|F E|     1|a      2|e      1|b      1|F R|   .|  [AA
]4|e   [bb
]4|F   [AA
]4|   [bb
]4|F C|     4|C      4|D      4|      4|D O|     3|a      3|b      3|      3|b M|     2|a      2|b      2|      2|b -|     1|a      1|b      1|      1|b T|   A|  [AA
]4|e   [EE
]4|e   [?]4|e   [AA
]4|e B|     4|C      3|b      4|C      4|C N|     3|a      3|G      3|A      3|a A|     2|a      2|e      2|e      2|e B|     1|a      1|e      1|e      1|e B|   E|  [EE
]4|e   [bb
]4|D   [F#F#
]4|C [EE
]3|b R|     3|b      3|b       3|A     3|G .|     3|G      3|F       3|F     3|e C|     2|e      2|b       2|F     2|e O|     1|e      1|b       1|F     1|e M|   -|   T|   A|  [Eaug6]4|d B|      3|G N|      3|e A|      2|e B|      1|e B|   E|  [bb
]4|D [F#F#
]4|C [EE
]3|b [Eaug6]4|d R|     3|b      3|A     3|G        3|G .|     3|F      3|F     3|e        3|e C|     2|b      2|F     2|e        2|e O|     1|b      1|F     1|e        1|e M|   -|  [bb
]4|D [bb
]4|D T|     4|b     4|b A|     3|F     3|F B|     2|b     2|b N|     1|b     1|b    when I find all of the A|   B|  [F#F#
]                     [EE
] B|  reasons, maybe I'll find ... E|        [bb
] R|  find another day, .|  [F#F#
]                      [EE
] C|      with all the changing... O|         [bb
]                    [F#F#
]        [EE
] M|  of my life, maybe I'll get it right, next time. -|  [bb
]                         [F#F#
] T|     And now that you've been broken... A|                    [EE
] B|  Got your head out of the... N|            [bb
] A|  Back down on the... B|            [F#F#
] B|  You don't talk... E|                [EE
] R|  And you don't walk... .|     [bb
]             [F#F#
] [EE
] C|  Anymore. And what for? O|   M|   -|  I'll write in the solos at the end. But the chord sequence through the T|  solo, goes something like this (all chords last for one bar): A|   B|  B, G#m, F#, E, Eaug6, N|  B, F#, E, Eaug6, B. A|   B|   B|   E|  [BB
]                      [F#F#
] R|     When I jump in to the... .|                    [EE
] C|  Too many times to make... O|               [bb
] M|  I'm out here on ... -|          [F#F#
] T|  Drifting all... A|        [EE
]                   [bb
] B|  If it doesn't show, give it... N|                      [F#F#
] [EE
] A|  To read between the lines. B|   B|   E|  [G#5]              [F#5]          [E5] [F#5] R|     'cos I see the storm getting closer .|  [G#5]        [F#5]              [E5] [F#5] C|      And the waves they get so high, O|  [G#5]           [F#5]             [E5]        [F#5] M|      Seems everything we've ever known's here, -|  [G#5]            [F#5]           [E5] T|      Why must it drift away and die. A|   B|  [C#5], [A5], [F#F#
], N|   A|  4|---------C|------eC--|---------C|----------| B|  3|b-b-b-aGa-|b-b-b-b---|b-b-b-aGa-|b-b-b-b---| B|  3|F-F-F-F---|F-F-F-F---|F-F-F-F---|F-F-F-F---| E|  2|b-b-b-b---|b-b-b-b---|b-b-b-b---|b-b-b-b---| R|   .|   C|  The next part of the song is the dolphin sound style solo. You can't really O|  do it on piano, but the nearest you can get, is to play chords [BB
] and [AA
], M|  and play around with the notes F#, G#, C#, and B. It does that for 7 bars, -|  then starts the second main end solo which is also at the end. Rather than T|  doing chords as backing I play octaves of these notes in the following A|  sequence: B|   N|  2|b-b-b-b-|b-b-b-b-|F-F-F-F-|e-e-e-e-|b-b-F-F-| A|  1|b-b-b-b-|b-b-b-b-|F-F-F-F-|e-e-e-e-|b-b-F-F-| B|   B|   E|  2|b-b-b-b3|e-e-e-e2|a-a-a-a-|a-a-a-a-|b-b-b-b-| R|  1|b-b-b-b2|e-e-e-e1|a-a-a-a-|a-a-a-a-|b-b-b-b-| .|   C|   O|  2|b-b-b-b-| M|  1|b-b-b-b-| -|   T|   A|  [BB
]                          [F#F#
] B|     I'll never find anyone to ... N|                     [EE
] A|  Guess I'll have to make... B|       [BB
]            [F#F#
]   [EE
] B|  This time ' oh this time, E|             [EE
]. [E5], [C#5], [E5] R|  Without you. .|   C|  [B5], [A#5], [G#5]          [F#5]             [EE
]   [F#5] O|                   I knew the storm was getting closer, M|  [G#5]        [F#5]              [EE
] [F#5] -|     And all my friends said I was high, T|  [G#5]       [F#5]            [EE
]        [F#5] A|     But everything We've ever known's here, B|  [G#5]      [F#5]        [EE
] N|     I never wanted it to die. A|   B|  I'm not sure about the ending chords, but they can't be too hard to work B|  out. The very last chord is a B. E|   R|   .|  Now for the solos. Both of the solos are very tricky and hard to get your C|  fingers around. I'm still grasping them, but I know how they go: O|   M|  Solo 1 (after 'you don't walk so proud, anymore, and what for?'): -|   T|  5|-------------C--|C------------C--|F-D---C----C----| A|  4|b---------FGb-bG|----b-b---FGb-bG|----------b-AbAG| B|   N|   A|  6|----------------|----------------|-------------C--| B|  5|-------------Ce-|eFaFaFGbbbabbaba|b---------FGb-bG| B|  4|FGeFCe--FeFGb---|----------------|----------------| E|   R|   .|  6|C------------C--|CD--F-------C-Fe|-eD-eDeCDCDDCC--| C|  5|--b-b-----FGb-bG|------b---b-----|--------------bG| O|   M|   -|  6|D---------------CDeD|F------e|D-------| T|  5|--------------------|--------|--------| A|   B|                                     When I find all of the reasons. . . N|   A|   B|  Solo 2: After 7 bars of the dolphin style sound which I wrote above, it B|  comes to this solo. There a lot of demi-semi-quavers in this solo and I've E|  decided that it would be easier to read if they weren't added in. But they R|  are quite easy to work out: .|   C|  6|----------------|F--aF------aFed-|F--aF------aFed-| O|  5|dC--dC-d-C---C--|---------------b|---------------b| M|  4|--bG--b---bGb-bG|----------------|----------------| -|   T|   A|  6|d--C------------|----------------|----------------| B|  5|----b-----a-F-ed|----eF--------d-|----F-aed---efed| N|  4|----------------|b-------F---ab--|b---------------| A|   B|   B|  6|--------Cd-CdeFe|aeFaeFeFFed-d---|----------------| E|  5|eFabbFab--b-----|-----------b--ba|bbaFaFeded--Fede| R|  4|----------------|----------------|----------ba----| .|   C|   O|  5|F-------| M|   -|   T|   A|   B|  
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