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guest Michael Jackson added Elizabeth Warren - Ordinary Day 6h Piano added
guest jožko added adam - tokyo drift 6d guitar added
guest Elizabeth Warren added Elizabeth Warren - We Can't Do This 7d Piano added
guest Brad added Joe Biden - Ne Nube 2w guitar added
guest Someone added Muse - Madness 2w electric guitar added
guest Mitt Romney added Mitt Romney - Black Lives Matter 3w guitar added
guest MAGA added MAGA - No Masks 3w guitar added
guest Someone added Juanes - Una flor intro 4w Piano added
guest Joe Biden added Joe Biden - Random Mash 6w guitar added
guest Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo added Jose Acosta - MI-DESTINO.MID 6w Piano added
guest Guarania Demetrio Ortiz added Jose Acosta - MI.DICHA.LEJANA.MID 6w Piano added
guest Ramon Sixto Rios added Jose Acosta - Merceditas.MID 6w Piano added
guest Carlos Miguel Jimenez added Jose Acosta - Maria Esther.MID 6w Piano added
guest Joe Biden 4 prez updated Joe Biden - Let's return to normal 2w Piano updated
guest Someone: inna amazing in Inna - Amazing 4d
BA: thanks for the tip but how are the bpms not accurate? in admins - you guys need to fix the bpm situation 2w
guest Dannymannyo: This is ridiculously incorrect by far in In Fear and Faith - The Taste of Regret 4w
guest junk: unhelpful comments are exterminated MY ASS! this shitty midi is garbage. write a real midi asshole in gstfs - Goat simulator theme 5w
guest User: @User *Betrayal of Fate in Goukisan - Betrayal of Fate 5w
guest User: Good job... but this is not Goukisan - Betrayal of Fear. in Goukisan - Betrayal of Fate 5w
guest Cunha: This is not "The Blowers Daughter" music in Damien Rice - The Blowers Daughter 6w
guest Mj on the sticks: a flat, e flat, d flat, b, d flat, e flat in Jay-Z - Public Service Announcement 6w
mochichi: this song is intended to be played at 144 bpm in Powfu - Death Bed (Coffee For Your Head) 7w
guest Someone: very good in Jal - Aadat 7w
guest Rick: @Laura see Hans answer above in The Meeting - ABWH 7w
guest Laura: I am getting married and this is my wedding March. Do you still have a copy of the music you would consider sharing? in The Meeting - ABWH 7w
guest Bryan: Thank you so so much Hans! in The Meeting - ABWH 7w
guest Doug: @Bryan See Hans answer above in The Meeting - ABWH 7w

AI Turns Music Into Trippy Visuals

The arts are being encroached upon by our future robot overlords, but, for now at least, humans are still needed. The AI that created this video was very much guided by human input and parameters, but it's still cool AF.

The Actual Sounds of a Singing Star

This star is gonna be a star I tell ya! Futurism reports on how a star's infrasound acoustic waves were sped up to be audible to the human ear.

Get Your TabNabber Merch

Tab on a T, anyone? We're currently featuring M3's amazing work "13 Colonies", whose discography is well worth a listen if you haven't heard it yet. Drop us a note if you'd like to see your tab on a T shirt as well.

Whales enjoy music in ways we cannot

Beluga whales use echolocation to navigate their environment. Because of this, their brains process sound like ours process vision. This beluga can actually "see" the sounds the violin makes.

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