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12 days ago new
See ya later Alligator, After while, crocodile and more like it 59 views  
Looking to put together some cute lyrics and just expand my repertoire of goodbye's and hello's. Feel free to help out!

See ya later, Alligator.
After while, Crocodile.
Toodaloo, Kangaroo.
Give a hug, Ladybug,
Blow a kiss, Jellyfish.
Bye-bye, Butterfly (french fry)
Gotta go, Buffalo.
Hasta mañana, Little Iguana (or piranha)
It's been real, Cockatiel.
Take care, Teddy Bear.
Have a good day, Little Stingray.
Wish I could stay, little blue jay.
You stay sweet, Parakeet.
See you soon, big Baboon.
Time to squirm, wiggle worm.
Let's scat, alley cat.
So long, King Kong.
Out the door, Dinosaur!
Say goodbye, pumpkin pie.
Hang loose, mongoose.
Ciao for now, brown cow
Hit the road, hoppy toad.

In an hour sunflower.
See you soon, Macaroon!
Say goodbye, pumpkin pie.
Catch you later, mashed potater.
Later, tater!
Adios, french toast.
Chop-chop, lollipop.

What's the story morning glory?
What's the tale nightingale?
What's up, rubber duck?
What's cookin, good lookin?
What's shakin', bacon?
What's the deal, banana peal? (or Batmobile)
What's the plan, Stan?
What's the word, hummingbird?

Time to bail, slimy Snail.
I must be off, my little Moth.
Gotta kick it, little Cricket.
Time to sail, Orca Whale.
Gotta scoot, little Newt.
Show me out, Rainbow Trout.
Cheerio, little Doe.
My leave I take, you ugly snake!
Gotta flee, buzzy bee.
Toodles, Poodles
Hang loose, Mongoose.

What's your number, Cucumber?
Know what I mean, jelly bean?
Sure do, tennis shoe.


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