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by: steph

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T|  Artist Name: Regina Spektor
A|  Song Name  : Consequence of Sounds
B|  ==========================================================
A|  Pretty easy song to learn!
B|  The main staccato melody throughout most of the song goes like this:
R|  3|-C#--------------|
.|  2|-----G#--D#--A#--|
O|  And repeat!
T|  Then you play:
B|  RH 5|---------c--d---d--c--d--c-----------|
N|  RH 4|g--a--b---------------------b---a----|
A|  RH 4|e--f--g--a--b---b--a--b--a--g---f----|
B|  LH 3|---------c--d---d--c--d--c-----------|
B|  LH 2|g--a--b---------------------b---a----|
E|  LH 2|c--d--e--f--g---g--f--g--f--e---d----|
.|   Repeat
-|  My rhyme ain't good just yet 
T|  My brain and tongue just met 
A|  And they ain't friends so far 
B|  My words don't travel far 
N|  They tangle in my hair 
A|  And tend to go nowhere 
B|  They grow right back inside 
B|  Right past my brain and eyes 
E|  Into my stomach juice 
R|  Where they don't serve much use 
.|  No healthy calories 
C|  Nutrition values 
O|  And i absorb back in 
M|  The words right through my skin 
-|  They sit there festering inside my bowels 
T|  The consonants and vowels 
A|  The consequence of sounds 
N|  Got a soundtrack in my mind 
A|  All the time 
B|  Kids screaming from too much beat up and they don't even rhyme 
B|  They just stand there on a street corner 
E|  Skin tucked in and meat side out 
R|  And shouting - i'd like to turn them down but there ain't no knob 
.|  Born into picket fences 
C|  Not into picket lines 
O|  All this hippie shit's for the sixties 
M|  Only cliché in our times, but 
-|  What if one of these days your heart will just stop ticking 
T|  And they sort of just don't find you till your cubicle is reeking? 
A|  The consonants and vowels 
B|  The consequence of sounds 
A|  Did you know that the gravedigger's still getting stuck in the machine 
B|  Even though it's a whole other daydream? 
B|  It's another town, it's another world 
E|  Where the kid's asleep, and the loans are paid, and the lawns are mowed 
R|  What'd you think--all the gravediggers were gone just cause one song is done? 
.|  There's always another one 
C|  Waiting right around the bend 
O|  Till this one ends 
M|  Then it begins squeaky clean and it starts all over again 
T|  The weather report keeps on tossing and turning 
A|  Predicting and warning and warning and warning of 
B|  Possible leakage from news publications and 
N|  Possible leakage from news tv stations, that 
A|  Very same morning right next to her coffee 
B|  She noticed some bleeding and heard hollow coughing 
B|  The national geographic was being too graphic 
E|  When all she had wanted to know was the traffic 
.|  The world's got a nosebleed, it said, and we're flooding 
C|  But we keep on cutting the trees in the forest 
O|  And we keep on paying those freaks on the tv 
M|  Who claim they will save us but want to enslave us and 
-|  Sweating like demons they scream through our speakers 
T|  But we leave the sound on cause silence is harder and 
A|  No one's the killer and no one's the martyr 
B|  The world that has made us can no longer contain us 
N|  And prophets are silent and rotting away cause 
A|  The consonants and vowels 
B|  The consequence of sounds

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Comments (1)

joelle rodgers
11 years ago
cool, thanks steph, copied the other ReSpekt tabs too. Nice work! =)


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