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by: atownes

Tab Master
[Tab Master]
T|  played pretty fast, but it ain't too long...
N|  RH 5|fF#-a--|F#----|b-a-F-#e-|fF#-a----|
A|  LH 3|d------|d-----|---------|C#-------|
B|  LH 2|a------|G#----|---------|a--------|
E|     4|a--b--|
R|     4|F#----|
C|  RH 5|fF#-a--|F#----|b-a-F-#e-|fF#-a----|
O|  LH 3|d------|d-----|---------|C#-------|
M|  LH 2|a------|G#----|---------|a--------|
T|     4|a--b--|
A|     4|F#----|
B|  Lyrics:
R|  [Dr. Dre]
.|  Imagine it never happened
C|  Imagine no rappin'
O|  Imagine niggaz trapped
M|  Imagine it havin' action
-|  Imagine how deez niggaz could be actin'
T|  If we never got this shit crackin
A|  Imagine life's so hard
B|  You can't imagine it's like livin' in city of god
N|  You feel me?
A|  Imagine life on the yard
B|  Or tryin' to get that dollar on some shitty ass job
B|  Imagine Biggie with his son
E|  Imagine Pac gettin' call pop 'bout one
R|  Imagine a mother strugglin
.|  Dealin with a system that don't give a fuck about who shot her son
C|  Imagine life where you can't win
O|  When you get out of the ghetto and go right to the pen
M|  When you get out to the pen you go right to the gin
-|  When you put back to the streets you go right back in
T|  Imagine Russell still strugglin
A|  No Def Jam it's another nigga hustlin'
B|  And ain't no rocks on them fellaz
N|  Just rocks on them fellaz
A|  Just try and keep it bubblin'
B|  Imagine niggaz just stoned
B|  From the east to the west coast, everybody fucked up
E|  I can't imagine no less
R|  But it don't take imagination
.|  To know niggaz been bless with HIP-HOP
O|  [Chorus]
M|  Before we go
-|  Can you imagine?
T|  Picture years, with your mom
A|  Can you imagine?
B|  Hang her picture in the sky
N|  Can you imagine?
A|  Call emergency I've been dreamin' all my life.
B|  [Snoop Dogg]
E|  Could you imagine bein' lit up by some hot shells?
R|  Imagine being tossed around and put in jails
.|  Imagine life when you can't get from under
C|  Imagine niggaz at ya when you done fo'
O|  Remember when they asks ya why ya run for and treat ya like a bitch
M|  When they kick you in your dick and take your shit
-|  We act like we hate to see you gun hoe
T|  But just imagine if the rappin' got the gun no but you already know
A|  Imagine niggaz in the LBC felt just like Snoop Dogg & D-R-E,
B|  And felt just like the niggaz in the 2-1-3.
N|  Then imagine that's was comin' when you fuckin' with me.
A|  Imagine you was up on top of this shit
B|  Imagine if the bitches could stay off this dick
B|  I mean imagine we said fuck this shit
E|  Imagine if my niggaz got together and tore up this bitch, yeah
R|  You can't imagine growin' up in the jail done
.|  Happy just to be alive' watching all your people run
C|  Would you imagine growin' up to sell your 50 million records world wide or fuckin' on somebodies son
O|  Imagine if these niggaz neva saw a colour
M|  Would it be peaceful in them streets where niggaz kill each other
-|  All the drunk fool gets pissed on balls
T|  He fuckin' off my niggaz, they gone murder us all
A|  Imagine that
N|  [Chorus]

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