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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: Anonymous
T|  T|  Artist Name: Sia
A|  A|  Song Name : Breathe Me
B|  B|  ==========================================================
N|  N|  Tabbed By : bizzle
A|  A|  
B|  B|  5|--------------------------e---e---e---e-|--g---g---g---g---g---g-|
B|  B|  5|--c---c---c---c---c---c---c---c---c---c-|--c---c-----------------|
E|  E|  4|a---a---a---a---g---g---g---g---g---g---|g---g---g---g---g---g---|
R|  R|  4|e---------------e-----------------------|------------------------|
.|  .|  4|c---------------c---------------c-------|------------------------|
C|  C|  3|a---------------g---------------a-------|------------------------|
O|  O|  3|--------------------------------f-------|------------------------|
M|  M|  
-|  -|  Repeat 3X
T|  T|  
A|  A|  Then play:
B|  B|  
N|  N|  5|--------------------------e---e---e---e-|
A|  A|  5|--c---c---c---c---c---c---c---c---c---c-|
B|  B|  4|a---a---a---a---g---g---g---g---g---g---|
B|  B|  4|e---------------e-----------------------|
E|  E|  4|c---------------c---------------c-------|
R|  R|  3|a---------------g---------------a-------|
.|  .|  3|--------------------------------f-------|
C|  C|  
O|  O|  6|------------------c---|
M|  M|  5|--g---g---a---b---e---|
-|  -|  5|--c---c---c---d-------|
T|  T|  4|g---g-----------------|
A|  A|  3|--------d-------------|
B|  B|  3|--------b-------------|
N|  N|  3|--------g-------------|
A|  A|  
B|  B|  Then start over
B|  B|  
E|  E|  
R|  R|  
.|  .|  Here's a converter guitar tab version:
C|  C|  
O|  O|  Chords/Tab:
M|  M|   [Am]               [C]                   [F] 
-|  -|  3|--------c--------------------c----------------------------
T|  T|  2|--e-a-e---a-e-a------c-e-g-e---g-e-g--------c-f-c-a-f-c-f
A|  A|  1|a-----------------------------------------f---------------
B|  B|  
N|  N|  
A|  A|  Or just the chords:
B|  B|  
B|  B|  [Am] - [C] - [F] (it goes on in the verses) 
E|  E|  Help, I have done it again 
R|  R|  I have been here many times before 
.|  .|  Hurt myself again today 
C|  C|  And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame 
O|  O|   
M|  M|  [Am] - [C] - [F] - [Fm](at the same rhythm of the verses) 
-|  -|  Be my friend 
T|  T|  Hold me, wrap me up 
A|  A|  Unfold me 
B|  B|  I am small 
N|  N|  I'm needy 
A|  A|  Warm me up 
B|  B|  And breathe me 
B|  B|   
E|  E|  [Am] - [C] - [F] 
R|  R|  Ouch I have lost myself again 
.|  .|  Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found, 
C|  C|  Yeah I think that I might break 
O|  O|  I've lost myself again and I feel unsafe 
M|  M|   
-|  -|   
T|  T|  [Am] - [C] - [F] - [Fm] 
A|  A|  Be my friend 
B|  B|  Hold me, wrap me up 
N|  N|  Unfold me 
A|  A|  I am small 
B|  B|  I'm needy 
B|  B|  Warm me up 
E|  E|  And breathe me 
R|  R|   
.|  .|   
C|  C|  [Am] - [C] - [F] - [Fm] 
O|  O|  Be my friend 
M|  M|  Hold me, wrap me up 
-|  -|  Unfold me 
T|  T|  I am small 
A|  A|  I'm needy 
B|  B|  Warm me up 
N|  N|  And breathe me 
A|  A|  

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